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The things I overhear...

Disclaimer: I love animals. That didn't stop me from lol'ing SO FUCKING HARD at this.

"He's mad because we arrested his sister. We shot her dog."
"How did it die?"
"I shot it."

"How many times did you shoot it?"
"It's dead, ain't it?"



Since I hadn't seen Jailbait in school in a while, and I was too cranky to talk yesterday, I called him and we had a nice talk for maybe an hour. I miss hanging out with him, so tonight I'm going to try and talk him into going fishtank shopping with me tonight. Whurrrr.

Anyway, Hollow OOC bullshit below.

Ten bucks says that this character gets killed off for OOC reasons as well. PEW PEW PEW!

the eggs hatched

A robin laid eggs on my porch for some reason, and I've been checking in on them occasionally. Usually I could get pretty close before she flew off, but today the male ("Poppa Robin," I shouted after him, "About time you took some got'dang responsibility!") was there. As I stepped closer, he flew off just like Momma Robin, but swooped in again. I didn't know that robins were the kind of birds to do that, but I didn't think too much of it.

I peeked into the nest and saw a bunch of feathers, which made me a bit sad for a minute. I thought that the eggs were stolen.

Then I saw movement- The eggs had hatched! In that nest is a gaggle of squirmy runt birds, that don't even look like robins, more like worms, and I wish my camera was working so that I could take pictures.

As soon as I find out which one is the runt, I'm going to take it and raise it. I know that sounds horrible and inhumane and everything, but consider that there were four eggs, and to conserve their own energy, the robins will usually raise only the strongest babies. It's the law of nature and all, but fuckin', if the bird decided to drop spawn on MY porch, then I can do with them what I want. If what I want is for the babies not to die, then I'm taking them.

Don't look at me like that, I've done it before.

UPDATE::  I went out to look at the worm babies, who are positioned just a few feet from the front door. The screen door opened just enough for me to poke half of my face out, when Poppa Robin JERKED his head around and I swear he was glaring at me.

I went back inside.


cinco de mayonaise?

I can't drink this Cinco De Mayo because of some medication I'm on. It is made of SUXXOR and EPIC FUCKING FAIL.

x-posted because i suck

We were sitting in her car, trying to keep warm in the mid-February afternoon. Blue-grey smoke filled its interior, but we weren’t high yet, just trying to get a little something to get us through the morning before heading into second period.

She was humming quietly for a few minutes, and while I wasn’t paying attention, it sounded familiar. It wasn’t until I heard Lisa sing, “Hey Mr. Tangerine Man, play a song for me…” that I looked up at her. With my math book in my lap, I just had to let out a little groan.

“Tangerine Man? It’s Tambourine man.”

Lisa looked at me like I had two heads. The pipe was growing cold in her hands, so I claimed it to take another hit. As the acrid ditch weed burned in my lungs, and the glass warmed my pink fingers, she hummed the song out again. “It just doesn’t make sense,” My friend complained.

“Neither does Tangerine Man!”

When she didn’t reply, I let out a groan and shook my head. I promised that we’d look it up during lunch, we rolled down the windows to air out, sprayed ourselves with whatever was in her glovebox that smelled like cinnamon, and wandering back towards the school.

Before we entered the building she leaned over and whispered, quietly, “I still say it’s Mr. Tangerine Man.


lolol, neph b& me

Okay, I promised uSuCK drama, so here it is. I'm tired and have a kink in my neck from the park yesterday, so don't expect a whole lot.

Neph banned HOLLYWOOD first, because HOLLYWOOD changed Missy's user title. This is an option that any user has, not just admin, so it was obviously just an excuse; being all silly and shit, Neph doesn't like HOLLYWOOD. You know, because an internet forum no one visits is serious business, and all.

When the expected "wtf?!" 'outrage' came up, he emptied her pretend bank account, as he does with everything who's been naughty. Yeah, the pretend monies one earns from posting, that does absolutely nothing on the site except for, maybe if you do nothing but post day and night, buy a funky font color or some shit like that.

I was amused but, HOLLYWOOD seemed like a good mod, admin, whatever, because she DIDN'T take the site seriously and she moved the shit topics to spam folders where they belonged. I made a topic noting this, and soon after, another friend of mine, Aven, got demodded for making a global announcement. This is another thing that he had access to, but apparently wasn't supposed to use for some reason or another. He got demodded "as a joke" apparently, but after he contributed to my "wtf?" thread, was told that it was permanent and, again, his pretend monies were taken away from him.

I started taking screenshots around the time he started deleting posts, which happened after Aven brought up something about paedophilia. What's funny about this is that still, after all this shit, he never denied it. We can only come to the conclusion that Neph is, indeed, a babyfucker.

Ahem. Continuing onward. After I brought up that I had screenshots of the deleted posts, he SHOCKINGLY took away my jew gold. Because, you know, pretend internet money that guys text effects and the chance to play a crappy flash game is so pivotal that I'm going to an heroine just for not having it.

Well. My tax refund just came in, meaning that I have a little disposable income. I posted that I was going to "buy in" to the site, which is how you become a mod/admin/whatever, and he b& me.

That's pretty much it so far. I'm almost positive that I'll be back, and honestly, if I wanted to flood them or whatever, I'd use a proxy... Guess the big, bad admin of a failing site doesn't know that? lolol What a babyfucker. He didn't even IP ban me.

Anyway, here are the screenshots. They probably won't be very interesting unless you were involved, but here they are. To view them larger, save them and then just magnify. Duh.

Poor horse :/


I'm still a fan of the King's Sport, but damn. That's hella sad. On a lighter note though, uSuCK drama coming up soon, when I feel like it.