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Mall floods & Moar rejectshun

I offered to drive my dad to work yesterday, since we were both awake at 5am and while I got like two hours of sleep, he had none. I should've kept in mind that GETTING up meant STAYING up, which was hard. While at the mall, I

  • Babysat a geriatric
  • Walked through water up to my shins
  • Walked through fucking COLD water up to my shins
  • Bought a chocolate pen. As in a pen that dispenses chocolate, not a pen made of chocolate.
  • Bought other stuff, but ended up being too tired to try it out on Jailbait
  • Applied at Hot Topic. Despite the fact that I'm experienced with both customer service and working register, I won't get it. Cross your fingers regardless, I really need the monies.
  • Bought my mom a present for Sunday. It's really pretty.
  • Saw an old lady fall down and break her arm. It made me cry, she was in so much pain.
  • Threw my phone with the purpose of losing it. It was epic fail.
  • Met someone from Kansas, abouts the same area I used to be from
So yeah. That was exciting for a little while, but honestly, I'm stressing over the job. It's definitely an employer's market right now and I got so worked up that I ended up getting in a small argument regarding the semantics of "NOW" hiring. I mean, "NOW HIRING" should mean "HIRING RIGHT NOW", not "WE'RE GOING TO WAIT UNTIL SCHOOL LETS OUT SO YOU HAVE TO COMPETE WITH INCOMPETENT HIGH SCHOOLERS".


On a high note though, I can't wait until Kaci's birthday. I'm making her either unicorn cupcakes or a Darth Vader cake, then taking her out for her first legal drink. Since I can't really drink with the antibiotics I'm on right now, she's going to get to have fun for once without being the dessie- she's usually stuck driving our drunk asses around, so it's payback time now bitches.

I'll be tired, because I'm working for a company that's going out of business this weekend (both working this weekend, and that company is going out of business this weekend), but at least I'll have some monies.

Todaaaay I slept until 5pm. It was a little astonishing, but considering that I'm PMSing LIKE WOAH and have PIMPLES FROM PMS LIKE WOAH and HID MY PHONE SO I CAN BE IN SOLITUDE LIKE WOAH, it isn't toooo surprising. So yeah. Suck on that.


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